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Leveraging 25 Years Of Experience To Create A Better Environment

Go Rewise is committed to conserving resources and establishing the dominance of sustainability through primary recycling of plastics into premium quality products. Our resolute dedication to the cause is a precursor to implementing steps for a better future and thereby, closing the plastic pollution loop.

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Helping You Become Sustainable Through rPET Products

We leverage revolutionary technologies to produce superior quality rPET products with standards equivalent to that of virgin products. Our rPET chips have been approved by the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use in the production of food-contact materials. Our every rPET product comes with EPR certification, ensuring traceability to its origin and a transparent supply chain.

rPET Flakes

The contamination level present in the flakes is a significant…

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rPET Chips Bottle Grade

Go Rewise rPET Chips have been made with the best-in-class…

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rPET Chips Textile/Sheet Grade

The grade of rPET Chips is a major factor when…

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We manufacture 100% recycled Fully Drawn Yarns by melting, structuring…

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Revolutionary Technology Tailored For Indian Waste

Recycling PET bottles is embedded deep in our DNA, and with Go Rewise, we've evolved and deployed the best technologies from around the globe to ensure that waste is not only recycled but also upcycled to perform at the same level as virgin products.

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On A Mission To Create A Greener Tomorrow

Every step we take is towards our goal of creating a sustainable environment for future generations. The greener, the better! From having a zero liquid discharge facility and minimum water consumption to increasingly relying on renewable sources of energy, we are committed to conserving resources at every step. We at Go Rewise, aspire to collaborate with brands and businesses that are committed to providing their customers with the finest quality products in the most sustainable way.

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