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For the last three decades, Ganesha Ecosphere has been an unrivalled industry leader for its secondary recycling programs and sustainability efforts. Even though secondary plastic recycling has had a profound influence, we knew it was time to go an extra mile through primary & closed-loop recycling under our new venture- Go Rewise. We have deployed state-of-the-art SuperClean recycling technology from our armoury to answer this call for help and win the fight against plastic pollution.

Go ReWise is committed to conserving resources and establishing sustainability through the efficient recycling of plastics into premium quality products. Only 9% of the 6.3 billion tonnes of fossil fuel-derived plastic waste has been recycled to date. Our objective at Go Rewise is to recycle 25% of India’s pet bottle waste by 2025. To bring that vision to life, we have with the guidance and support of experienced industry veterans and niche experts, honed a streamlined recycling process, specifically devised for utilising Indian waste.

Our Impact

Believe in Go Rewise

1987 - 88

Ganesha Ecosphere commenced operations with texturizing


Started the first PET recycling plant in India


Commenced operations in Uttrakhand (Rudrapur) with a capacity of 21,600 TPA


Won "Business Today - Yes Bank Star SME Award" in overall medium category


Expanded operations in Uttrakhand (Temra) increasing capacity to 85000 TPA


Crossed INR 500 crore revenue


Phase 2 expansion of Temra facility reaching a total capacity of 106000 TPA


Crossed INR 1000 crore revenue


First overseas plant in Nepal with a total capacity of 10,000 TPA


Birth of Go Rewise with a capacity of 40,000 TPA with diversified product portfolio


Phase 2 expansion of Go Rewise reaching a total capacity of 100,000 TPA


Vision to recycle 30% of India's PET bottle waste

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create a global environmental impact by helping our partner brands to achieve their sustainability goals by delivering premium quality, sustainable products through resource-efficient processes by leveraging innovation and transformation. We offer rPet flakes, rPet chips bottle grade, rPet chips for textile industry,  and rPet FDY.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the way for a more sustainable future for the people and the planet, through constant efforts focused on sustainable improvements.

Our Values

The Inception Of Go Rewise Is Rooted In Our Core Values.


We have taken it upon ourselves to foster a brighter future for our planet. Our business processes, operations and strategies, are rooted in being highly responsible towards humanity, the planet and our partners.


Leading from the forefront, we proudly wear our armour in the battle against plastic pollution to make the world we live in more habitable.


With Ganesha’s legacy of over 30 years, we have been successfully able to create a highly efficient and sustainable process that churns out premium products.


We believe innovation is the stepping stone to a hopeful future. In addition to using the most sophisticated technologies and streamlined processes, we are constantly updating and transforming to deliver the best.


The fact that we are optimistic about our future, motivates us to keep working towards making it a healthier, more sustainable place for our future generations.


We strive to maintain and uphold the trust that our stakeholders, employees, and partners place in us by following ethical business practices throughout our organisation.

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