Sophisticated Recycling Steps, Exclusively Structured To Ensure Premium Quality Production.

  • Utilising world-class European technology for washing procedures integral to the recycling program
  • A multi-step meticulous decontamination approach to obtain end-product free from any remnant of impurity
  • A recycling technology designed to produce products with quality and characteristics at par with that of virgin products
  • Our products go through extensive quality checks before being supplied to our customers

rPET Flakes

Post-consumer bottles are collected from across the country and processed through a highly sophisticated system in which PET bottles are washed, sorted and shredded to produce the utmost quality flakes. Bottle flakes are subjected to rigorous washing procedures and chemical treatments. We have partnered with Sorema Plastics Recycling System and leveraged our two decades of experience in the treatment of Indian PET bottle waste to establish one of the best plastic washing facilities in the country.

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rPET Chips Bottle Grade

Highest quality washed flakes are processed to manufacture rPET Chips using cutting-edge Starlinger superclean recycling technology. The technology eliminates any residual contamination through multiple decontamination processes and is subsequently treated in an under-water pelletizer to produce uniform, dry pellets. The technology then utilises Solid State Polycondensation to increase the viscosity of the resin to make it suitable for making PET bottles. Continuous online monitoring automation ensures that the final product has virgin-like characteristics and comes with USFDA/EFSA/FSSAI certifications.

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rPET Chips Textile/Sheet Grade

rPET Chips are manufactured by processing and decontaminating washed flakes using leading-edge Starlinger recycling technology. The process utilises a novel blend of pre-drying equipment, a high-temperature extruder, numerous mechanical filtering processes and an under-water pelletizer to produce uniform and dry pellets, resulting in a consistent finished product excellent for high-speed spinning applications such as rPOY and rFDY.

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Polyester Filament Yarns are manufactured by processing high-quality rPET Chips through Drying, Extrusion, Spinning and Winding. We have partnered with Oerlikon Barmag for the latest technologies such as WINGS Winder and EvoQuench to produce premium quality yarns with the most efficient energy consumption.

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