Why Recycled Plastic is Better  for The Planet and Business

September 30, 2022

Why Recycled Plastic is Better  for The Planet and Business

Plastic, for a few decades, has been an integral part of our lives. Recycling and reusing it and working towards a plastic-free environment becomes an important approach for a sustainable future not just for the human race but all the life forms present.

Businesses should engineer or develop more sustainable approaches to tackle the menace of plastic recycling. Resource-efficient innovations and socially responsible industry operations can lead businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

How is Recycling Better for The Environment and Businesses

Recycling PET waste is an excellent way to combat the growing menace of plastic pollution in our ecosystem. Manufacturing new plastic from scratch takes up way more energy and resources than recycling or upcycling and reusing plastic disposables.

Recycling PET has integrous benefits for the environment and businesses: –

  • Reduces fossil fuel consumption: 1 ton (2000) lbs of plastic bottles recycled saves 3.8 barrels of oil, saves energy and reduces consumption of crude oil and raw material
  • Depleted space in landfills: Recycling waste plastic saves the habitable space. Every ton of plastic recycled saves 7.4 cubic yards’ landfill
  • Reduces carbon footprints: 1 million plastic bottles recycled eliminates 180 metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere and controls the greenhouse emission
  • Conserves natural resources: Recycled PET utilizes 90% less water than in production of virgin plastic. 79 to 85% less energy is consumed than in manufacturing virgin plastic products.

How Go Rewise Makes the Planet A Better Place 

Launched under the umbrella of India’s rPET industry leaders, Go Rewise is committed to establish sustainability supremacy by manufacturing highest quality rPET products through resource-efficient processes.

Go Rewise leverages more than 30 years of expertise in treating post-consumer waste in which the group has recycled more than 1 million tonnes of PET bottle waste. With a state of technology & highly optimized resource efficient processes, we manufacture premium quality rPET products and raw materials, which is the outcome of the elaborate recycling process certified by the USFDA, ESFA, and GRS.

We manufacture premium quality rPET products and raw materials, which is the outcome of the elaborate recycling process.

These are the sophisticated steps that we undertake to manufacture superior quality recycled PET-

  • Manufacturing products with optimized processes to save resources at all stages.
  • Utilizing world-class European technology for washing resulting in minimal contamination
  • A multi-step cautious decontamination approach to obtain end-products free from any impurity
  • Partner with the best recycling technology suppliers to customize & design processes that produce products with world class quality and characteristics that are at par with the virgin products
  • Products go through extensive and elaborate quality checks before being supplied and distributed to our customers

To sum up- Going green can sustainably make a difference in the plastic pollution. Go Rewise has modelled a streamlined recycling process, especially devised to make the most of India’s PET waste. We are committed to make a difference and bring sustainability by recycling PET waste into premium quality products.